Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Intensity of love doesn’t measure, love only give…..Majestic sun quietly embraced the mountains. The flowers tossed amidst cool breeze. Butterflies winged from flower to dainty flower in pursuit of nectar……..
School reopened and I was standing in the corridor when he passed by, a complete stranger. I was immobilized by the cool and dashing guy. I was silent for a while, I only smelled the fragrance of his perfume…later I could think of nothing else,..he is roaming in my mind day and night. I thought of him each morning, dreamt of him each night. He was a nice guy..I loved every ounce of him: the way he made me feel each time as he walked by.
I loved his lanky figure and charming face. His eyes were shimmering that anyone could fall deep into it. I had a huge girly crush. I felt so different, days passed without a single word spoken between us….My heart skipped a beat each time I saw him. He became part of my life and my living. The environment seemed colorless without him. The sky seemed trampled, flowers appeared crumpled, streams paused and the noisy city seemed mute.
That is life without love. Love silently entered my little life, with no happiness but only misery and sorrow. For the day, the sun is dark and for the night , the moon is silent and in his life I am a no one….
His smile made me crazy, the smile he had shined in my life. I am only one but his smile made me double because his smile gave me the strength and warmth. He is cute and his smile adds to his cuteness. When I see him, no matter how, when and where, with his beautiful smile which gives an immense pleasure to my heart. His smile is the killer of his personality….when I saw him smiling, I forget everything around me which I usually don’t do, only and only his everlasting smile.


  1. when a feeling is from the heart....the other would certainly feel.....i heard it said

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