Friday, May 30, 2014

The world won't stop....


Youngsters’ biggest apprehension is a broken heart, and mine used to be,
I always used to ran from this relationships, But
I was caught at my high school, when I met him.
He has driven all of my fear out.
Eventually, we were in love.
For the last eight months we were, ummm,,, let’s say a great couple.
The words he spoke, no matter how trivial,
Always found their way to a place inside my heart.
I never questioned falling for him until he was no longer there to hold me.
He disappeared as swiftly as he came into my life.
I guess a youngster biggest apprehension is a broken heart.
Mine used to be, but not anymore.  He was worth it.
After all, it is the wounded heart that makes us all human in the end.


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