Thursday, May 22, 2014

To my father


Life is a restless cage.
On an unbranded stage.
Never knowing where we are heading.
Yet certain death’s not so far.
Seems like just yesterday,
When you were part of me
I used to be strong.
And nothing seemed wrong.
You made me feel all right.
You found every reason for a question that I asked.
And try to make me what I was not.
You always lent an ear to listen.
For two years of my life, your arms around me tight.
Everything felt so bright.
As if, nothing could go wrong.
But I was wrong.
At three you went far away from me.
Leaving no time to say “I LOVE YOU”
I cursed the holy one, day and night.
And inquired why he took you away.
I shall wipe back all the tears, and mourn only in my heart.
And fight fearless battles, you prepared for me,
And win the medal, so that I can show to you
When I reach the entrance of ‘DEATH’


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