Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WHO AM I????????????????????


Who am I? What I am doing here? And where I am heading? These questions always provide me an opportunity to distinguish and express who I really am and what I can be. I can’t say I am like every other people because there are certain things that make me a unique person, creature and after all a unique individual. I really care about love relations but it is not a major reason for my life.
I am always eager to learn something new all the time. I always wish to achieve a level of independence. I am not a complex person who thinks the world is against me, or who doesn’t take time to pay attention to the surrounding. Instead I just wanted to experience the world on my own, and achieve all that I can. Sometimes I get bored and tired with my own surrounding but being a helpful person has been a truth of mine since a young age: lending helping hand has always brought a happiness and joys to me. I love smiling, thus making others smile along with me.
My future goals and achievement are very important to me. Today, am here at Sherubtse College pursuing journalism course. I haven’t thought that my fate will place me here, because I always wanted to explore more and don’t had a final contentment as  I am dreamer and I have many dreams. But now I am sure that the place is right for me, what I am taking is going to make my destiny. I always had a multiple personality and multiple ideas, so I always hates to put them down in a written as I know, what I believe today can be different tomorrow. But change has been extremely important to me and I always wanted to leave a mark on everyone. I always found a little voice within me, which are still unspoken. I found myself not even giving a chance to speak out. But now I believe that I am with a perfect and overwhelming course and a right path to process my bright future. I can be little bit of everything. Be the voice of voice less; want to write the stories that bring some ones voice.
Today, at this particular path I am enjoying every moment, while processing for my future. I am heading to my destiny. But I don’t want to just be able to say that “ I am a graduated  citizen”, I want myself to be able to say “ I graduated from college and achieve all my accomplishment” and after all be a productive citizen.



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